Crossword Puzzles

I create personalized puzzles—order yours on my Etsy shop!

I’ve created 200+ customized crossword puzzles and would be happy to make one for you or your loved one. They make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more — or treats for yourself, if you’re a crossword fan!

Each puzzle is standard size (15 x 15), is guaranteed to feature 10+ personalized clues, and costs $75. Please go to Etsy if you’re interested in commissioning a puzzle.


“I asked Rachel to create a custom crossword puzzle for my husband’s birthday. I put it out on the table with his breakfast and he immediately grabbed a pen, deeming it the ‘coolest gift ever.'”

-Leah R.

“I highly recommend Rachel’s custom crosswords! My daughter loved the one Rachel made for her birthday. It had many fun personal clues and answers, and the result was a moderately challenging puzzle that felt a lot like a themed NYT crossword.”

-Cliff R.

“When I saw Rachel’s offer to create a customized crossword puzzle, all about my mom, it sounded great. I decided to surprise my mom with it. She loved it! I’d highly recommend these for the crossword puzzle lovers in your life.”

-Margie F.

“I was struggling to find the perfect present for my friend until I stumbled upon Rachel’s custom crosswords. She took my rambling biography of a friend and turned it into a clever and fulfilling puzzle — it only made it all the more sweet when I crushed my friend’s time.” 

-Jeremy G.

“I’ve been doing crosswords virtually daily since 1994 — and to finally have a puzzle crafted and constructed for me was incredibly fun…Not too easy, not too hard, and the fill was fantastic and fun. I absolutely loved it!”

-Jerry S.

“It was a great puzzle full of our weird little inside jokes and it made me actually laugh out loud a few times. My boyfriend also told me it was one of the best gifts he’d ever gotten, so thank you for letting me look amazing even though you did all the work. It was fun to solve and even a little challenging at points — some of my own answers surprised me!”

-Gemma K.

“Rachel’s custom tailored puzzle was very unique and the perfect gift for a far away friend!”

-Laura S.

“When my brother passed away, I was searching for something fun and unique I could do for our family to remember him. Because he loved crosswords, getting a custom crossword created made a lot of sense. On top of that, Rachel does such a great job of integrating specific trivia and hints into the puzzle, that it was a huge hit. Everybody loved it.”

-Mike L.
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