1:1 Consulting

Need help planning your freelance career path or writing up the perfect pitch? Sign up for a 1:1 consulting session!

Here are the two sessions I offer:

Need help figuring out how to make it as a freelancer? Not sure where to pitch, how much to charge, or if you really need to get a Twitter to self-promote? My 1:1 workshop Freelance 101 will give you all the guidance you need for a successful career as a freelance writer.

In this consulting session, we’ll walk through your freelance goals and priorities so you can set out on this journey with confidence. Freelancing can be tough—but with the right tools and mindset, there’s no reason it can’t be a whole lot of fun, too. I would know—in addition to my full-time work, I’m a frequent contributors to outlets ranging from Teen Vogue to The New York Times.

“I highly recommend Rachel’s Pitch Perfect workshop. Using her tips from our one-on-one session, I crafted a pitch that got a quick response from an editor and sold an essay. I’m grateful for Rachel’s insights and guidance, and loved her friendly and candid style that helped me see how I could fine tune my pitches.”

-Tess C.

When it comes to freelancing, nothing matters more than the pitch—the time when you present your idea to an editor and hope they’ll give it a green light. But pitching is hard. You have to summarize your idea while also explaining your angle and selling yourself as the best writer for the story—all in just a few sentences. Intimidating, right?

It doesn’t have to be. In my 1:1 workshop Pitch Perfect, I’ll teach you how to write a foolproof story pitch, using my 8+ years of experience reading and reviewing thousands of pitches, in addition to sending hundreds more of my own. I know what works, and what doesn’t. So whether you’re a first-time freelancer or a long-time writer, trying to pitch a personal essay or a review, my Pitch Perfect workshop is for you.


Length: 60 minutes // Cost: $60

10% of your payment will go to Girls Write Now, a writing and mentoring organization for girls and gender non-conforming youth.

How to Book: Shoot me a message here.

If you’re interested in booking multiple sessions of either course, I offer those at a reduced rate! Contact to discuss.

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